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Dubai Property Boom Helicopter View

With the amount of newspaper inches and web coverage, the Dubai real estate market has received in recent years, you cannot fail to have heard about some of the country’s amazing real estate feats from constructing the world’s largest shopping mall complete with indoor ski slope to building from scratch, a man-made island in the shape of a Palm Tree.We have been lucky enough to get our hands on some aerial photos taken at the end of 2007, giving a helicopter view of the Dubai property phenomenon under construction.

So let’s start with the daddy of all Dubai’s projects, The Palm Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel at the far end of the Palm like the one found in Barbados.

Another shot of the Atlantis from the side

The Burj Dubai (The tallest tower in the world at present)

Some final dredging taking place

The financial district of Dubai (DIFC)

A shot along the coast with entrance to Dubai Marina

A small section of Dubai Land and competitors to Disney World

Dubai Marina

Largest Mall in the world

The Palm Dubai in its full glory

Million dollar front line beach homes

The trunk of the Dubai Palm

Side angle of the trunk

World’s Largest Mall complete with indoor ski slope

The World Dubai aka very expensive dollops of sand.

The only island with anything on it

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